A safe start to their journey: windeln.de expands range to include safety and health-care products

Munich, 21 June 2011 – The moment babies start crawling, nothing is safe from them anymore. The whole world is their playground, and their surroundings have to be explored as minutely as possible. And danger – such as sharp edges, steep stairs or open drawers – may be lurking just around the corner.

windeln.de has now expanded its range to include safety and healthcare products to help parents keep their children safe. Customers can now conveniently order baby monitors, child safety locks, night lights and the right products for the medicine cabinet online. Parents can select from around 350 new items from well-known companies such as Reer, Avent or Chicco. Eliminating hazards around the home is particularly important. Any room can be made safe with a few simple steps. These include safety covers for electrical outlets, sharp corners and edges. An oven guard prevents burns, and a safety gate blocks access to the cellar. And with safety catches on cupboards and drawers, there won’t be any jammed or pinched fingers. If a minor injury or other ailments do crop up, a well-stocked medicine cabinet can help provide quick relief and healing. As well as dressings and plasters in various sizes, it should contain a digital thermometer, tweezers for removing foreign objects, wound ointments, a disinfectant, nasal drops and cough syrup as well as paediatric remedies for fever, stomach ache and teething pains suitable for children. Inhalers and nasal aspiration kits are good for treating colds. Hot-water bottles or cherry-pit pillows help with tummy aches and wind. “Safety and health are major concerns for young parents,” says Konstantin Urban, co-founder and managing director of windeln.de. “That’s why parents can now order all the health and safety products they need from windeln.de.”

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