Inspect da’ gadgets – innovative technology for junior

Turning the tables

High-tech meal time means no more mess. When children are learning to feed themselves, experience shows that a considerable amount of the lovingly prepared meal lands on the floor. No more, thanks to the Gyro Bowl. The ingenious secret: the inner bowl of the Gyro Bowl is connected to the outer bowl by four mounts. These enable it to turn 360° and prevent the contents from falling out. This way feeding time can be fun for all. Gyro Bowl including stay-fresh lid 16.98 euros

Roly-poly tumbler

Drinking from a cup is not always easy for small children. With the Rotho tumbler training cup, floods in the kitchen are a thing of the past. Designed especially with infant motor skills in mind, the cup always stands up again, even when it’s put down at a tilt. The three cheerful colour combinations spread good vibes all round. Rotho tumbler trainer cup, lime green and ice-blue pearl 4.78 euros

Mini-cooler for out and about

The Allerhand baby food and cooler combination bag looks and feels more like a handbag. This multifunctional bag features urban chic and smart design. The large insulated inner compartment with a built-in mesh pocket for freezer packs makes transporting baby food safely child’s play. Padded shoulder straps and a zip bag for credit cards and money, a waterproof compartment for baby-wipe dispensers and lots of different accessories make the bag the ideal companion for the next expedition into the urban jungle. Allerhand Baby food bag/cooler combination bag/110 cool 35.98 euros

All shook up? Here’s a smooth operator.

Anyone who has ever tried stirring in follow-on formula powder with water knows all about frothing and foaming. The Easy Quirl follow-on milk mixer from reer promises colic-free nights thanks to its special mechanism, ensuring minimal aeration and lump-free mixing. The ergonomic design with an exclusive soft-touch surface is easy to hold. reer Easy Quirl Follow-on milk mixer 12.98 euros