Real customers are the best brand ambassadors: and its new TV adverts

Munich, 20 March 2012 – No one can advertise a product or a company more genuinely than its actual customers. With this in mind,, Germany’s largest online shop for a full range of baby products, put out the call to its female customers when casting for the new TV adverts, which have been airing on German television since 18 March.

The response was huge. Four mothers and their adorable offspring were ultimately chosen after producers sifted through several hundred applications. In the four versions of the 11-second advert, they explain what makes buying from special for them. The common message: since offers home delivery of everything babies need, families have more time for each other – and that makes them happy. The first flight of the TV adverts is scheduled to run from 18 March to 29 April, and is aimed at young mothers with children in the age of up to four years. The adverts will air in