on road to success: 30,000 mothers and fathers already shop for diapers and baby products online

  •  4,400 products from more than 100 brands
  • More than 30 per cent of orders already from regular customers
  • Growth market: sales growing by 30 per cent per month

Munich, 17 May 2011 – Shopping for diapers is not one of the great joys of parenthood: it involves regularly navigating supermarket aisles with bulky packets of diapers and then heading home laden with purchases. This was an experience Konstantin Urban, Alexander Brand and Dagmar Mahnel were all too familiar with. As a result, the three founders from Munich proceeded to come up with a solutio

“Over 30 per cent of all orders are already from regular customers,” states Konstantin Urban, the co-founder of and himself father of two children. “Our sales are currently growing by 30 per cent each month. That demonstrates to us the great demand among new parents for our service. Instead of spending time going shopping, they can spend it on themselves and their family.” has the largest range of baby care products for everyday needs of any German online retailer. Products range from diapers, baby wipes and baby care products to baby food. Organic products as