publishes 9M/Q3 2018 financial results: progress on restructuring, cost structure improved

Munich, November 8, 2018: SE (“” or “Group”), one of the leading online retailers for family products in Europe and to customers in China recorded revenues of EUR 78.5 million in the first nine months (9M) of 2018 (9M 2017: EUR 142.1 million). Revenues in the third quarter (Q3) 2018 amounted to EUR 22.2 million compared to EUR 23.5 million in Q2 2018 (Q3 2017: EUR 47.2 million). Adjusted EBIT amounted to EUR -16.0 million in 9M 2018 (9M 2017: EUR -16.0 million) and EUR -4.9 million in Q3 2018 compared to EUR -5.9 million in Q2 2018 (Q3 2017: EUR -4.5 million). T

Revenues development in Q3 2018 reflects lower sales activity during summer months

Revenues in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) amounted to EUR 18.3 million in 9M 2018 (9M 2017: EUR 34.2 million) and EUR 5.7 million in Q3 2018 which is an increase compared to EUR 5.3 million in Q2 2018 despite the typically weaker summer months (Q3 2017: EUR 9.9 million). DACH accounts for approximately 23% of Group revenues in 9M 2018.
Rest of Europe (RoE) outside of DACH, mainly the countries of Spain, Portugal and France covered by the Bebitus shops, contributed to approximately 25% of Group revenues in 9M 2018 or EUR 19.4 million (9M 2017: EUR 30.3 million). Q3

Net working capital improved, cash burn reduced

Due to the focus on an efficient inventory management, net working capital at EUR 6.8 million as of September 30, 2018 was significantly lower than at the end of the previous quarters (June 30, 2018: 9.2 million and March 31, 2018: EUR 19.1 million). The Group’s total cash available is EUR 13.0 million as of September 30, 2018; total change in cash was EUR -4.1 million in Q3 2018.
CEO Matthias Peuckert states: “We continue to follow our restructuring path on the basis of profitable revenues. We managed to create a more efficient organization in the past few months and target to a

Select key figures for the first nine months of 2018

9M 20189M 2017Q3 2018Q3 2017
Revenues (EUR million)78.5142.122.247.2
Other European Countries19.330.34.710.6
Operating Contribution (EUR million)
in % of revenues2.1%5.8%1.8%7.1%
Adjusted EBIT (EUR million)-16.0-16.0-4.9-4.5
in % of revenues-20.5%-11.3%-22.2%-9.6%