is a well-known and trusted German pure-play online category retailer for baby and toddler products

Munich, 26 January 2015., one of the leading and fastest growing online retailers for baby and toddler products in Germany, Austria and the German-speaking regions of Switzerland (the “Company”), ranked among the top companies in market surveys that analyzed brand recognition of online retailers in 2014. Overall, three reports by independent research institutes confirmed the category-leading positions of in areas such as image, loyalty and brand awareness in the Company’s key markets, Germany and China.

Alexander Brand, Managing Director and Co-Founder of, said: “We are particularly happy with the survey results as they reflect our successful efforts to achieve great brand awareness. Within only four years since inception, has become one of the leading and fastest growing online retailers for baby and toddler products in our key markets Germany, Austria and the German-speaking regions of Switzerland. Incited by the high levels of our customers’ trust and loyalty, we will continue to improve the shopping experience at”

Top scores in customer confidence and number one position in unaided brand awareness in Germany

In a survey by Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner, which analyzed the implications of online retail on traditional offline stores in Germany in 2014, emerged as the category leader for toys and baby products: The survey was conducted in cooperation with Facit Research among 8,000 participants, who were asked to assess several large retailers of different industries in three areas: loyalty, image and performance. ranked number one in the toys and baby products segment in all three areas, thereby outperforming its competitors. The Company achieved an overall index score of 80.7, followed by next competitors with 74.5 and 74.4 points. Konstantin Urban, Managing Director and Co-Founder of, acknowledged: “Within only a few years, has become one of the leading companies in the promising online retail category for baby and toddler products. We are proud of this achievement and look forward to the future, especially in light of the enormous market potential lying ahead of us.” According to an advertising tracking survey conducted by research institute Innofact (commissioned by, which analyzed the brand awareness of online retailers for diapers in Germany, achieved the top position in unaided brand awareness, implying that is the most known online retailer for diapers in Germany. The Company achieved an unaided brand awareness of 45 percent and was ahead of its closest competitors with 37 percent and 22 percent respectively. The numbers are based on a study conducted in March 2014 among participants which were parents of a baby or toddler with an age of 0-3 years and were responsible for buying diapers and baby products. is the only German retailer that ranks among China’s top ten for online shop awareness is not only a well-known online shop in Germany, but has also developed into one of the most prominent foreign e-commerce shops for baby food in China. This achievement was leveraged by the increasingly dynamic cross-border e-commerce market, stemming from Chinese customer’s growing demand for trustworthy and well-known Western brands. The trust of Chinese customers in the high-quality products offered by is shown by a study of OC&C Strategy Consultants (commissioned by’s shareholders). The international consultancy firm examined the Chinese online market for international baby milk formula (IMF) in 2014. In terms of online shop awareness, was the only German retailer that ranked among the top ten of online shops. The Company achieved 72 percent online shop awareness and a recommendation rate of 97 percent. These figures are based on a survey among 1,041 respondents who had purchased IMF online within the past 12 months.’s strong market position is especially important in light of the dynamics of the Chinese online market for IMF, which has already grown to a significant size and is expected to continue its strong growth trajectory.

About Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner GmbH

Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner is an experienced professional management consultancy for companies of all sizes in a wide range of industry sectors. We put a focus on strategy implementation, optimization of capital resources, structural financing, leadership management, innovation and new business, sales and marketing, as well as restructuring and reorganization in order to support the top management and eliminate corporate crises. Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner actively consults with clients around the world. In the past five years alone, we worked in 50 countries on five different continents. In Germany we work from offices in Munich, Düsseldorf and Hamburg.


INNOFACT AG is a full service market research which combines traditional market research knowledge and - skills with options for innovative methods for data collection. INNOFACT AG is one of the market and quality leaders for online surveys in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and runs their own online panels in these countries. INNOFACT offers solutions and recommendations for marketing surveys. Head office of INNOFACT AG is situated in Düsseldorf with 62 employees. Further offices are located in Hamburg, Zurich and Lengerich.

About OC&C Strategy Consultants GmbH

Founded in 1987, OC&C Strategy Consultants operate around the world to bring clear thinking to the most complex issues facing ambitious management. In 14 offices in all important global markets and with c. 400 consultants we work side by side with our clients to achieve lasting improvements in strategic performance and to maximize long-term growth. Particularly within our focus sectors „Retail & Consumer“, „Telecom, Media & Technology“ and „Construction, Real Estate and B2B Services“ we belong to the renowned market leaders. The strategies we develop are creative, possibly provocative yet always practical and, above all, actionable.


Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner – “Category Killer Survey 2014”:

Rank Company Overall Score Loyalty Image Performance Rank 2009
1 80.7 80.7 81.0 80.4 n.a.
2 74.5 72.2 74.9 76.3 n.a.
3 Vedes 74.4 72.0 77.0 74.1 3
4 73.9 71.5 76.1 74.1 n.a.
5 73.8 71.9 76.6 72.9 n.a.
6 babywalz 73.8 67.4 80.9 73.0 2
7 idee+spiel 69.0 65.8 71.7 69.5 4
9 Toys*R*Us 68.0 66.1 70.9 67.1 1
0 BabyOne 67.1 65.8 68.3 67.1 n.a.

Innofact AG Werbetracking March 2014 – Unaided brand awareness of online retailers for diapers:

Company Unaided brand awareness 45% 37% 22% 15% 7% 5% 5% 4% 1%

OC&C Strategy Consultants Market Report 2014 – Online shop awareness among Chinese IMF online shoppers:

Company Country of origin Online shop awareness China 99%
T-Mall (flagship store) China 99% China 98%
Taobao China 97%
T-Mall (oversea procurement) China 96% USA 75% Netherlands 73% Germany 72% United Kingdom 68% Japan 64%

OC&C Strategy Consultants Market Report 2014 – Recommendation rate of Chinese IMF online shoppers:

Company Country of origin Recommendation rate Germany 97%
T-Mall (oversea procurement) China 97%
Jingdong Mall China 95% USA 94% Netherlands 94%
T-Mall (flagship store) China 94% China 91% United Kingdom 91% Japan 91% China 88%