Dr. Guillem Sanz, founder and CEO of Bebitus, hands over leadership role to Erich Renfer

 In 2018e

• Handover of leadership was planned after completing integration of Bebitus business into windeln.de SE in October 1st, 2017
• Transition period will be completed as of July 1st, 2018

Barcelona/Munich, April 13th, 2018: Bebitus, one of the leading online retailers for baby and toddler products in Spain, Portugal and France, announced that Dr. Guillem Sanz, founder and current CEO of Bebitus, will pass over responsibility to Erich Renfer after a transition period ending as of July 1st, 2018. During the last eight years, Dr. Guillem Sanz has developed Bebitus from a startup to a successful e-commerce company in Southern Europe. After leaving the management team of Bebitus he will pursue personal projects but will always remain as friend and supporter of Bebitus and windeln.de.
Dr. Guillem Sanz and Alexandra Viguera founded Bebitus in 2011 and have developed the company to one of the leading e-commerce companies for baby and toddler products in Spain and Portugal with a strong business in France as well. In 2015, Bebitus was acquired by windeln.de SE. Since then, revenues have been more than doubled to EUR 31 million in 2017. As of October 1st, 2017, the Bebitus business has been fully integrated into windeln.de SE from a legal, organizational and technical point of view. The transition from Dr. Guillem Sanz to Erich Renfer has already started and will be completed over the next months.
Erich Renfer joined windeln.de Group in 2016 as co-head and managing director of the windeln.ch business in Switzerland. In his role he contributed strongly to the successful development of the Swiss business. In addition to his profound e-commerce expertise and familiarity of windeln.de, Erich speaks Catalan and Spanish given that his parents are Swiss and Spanish. He will be based at the office of Bebitus in Barcelona.
“The achievement of Guillem building this company is significant. Guillem contributed immensely to the development of Bebitus within the windeln.de Group resulting in the successful integration last year. We thank him and Alexandra very much for their achievement. We are happy that we have such a competent successor with Erich. The transition process is already ongoing to ensure a smooth transition for our customers, suppliers and employees.”, explains Dr. Nikolaus Weinberger, CFO and member of the Management Board of windeln.de.
"Participating in the birth, growth and maturation of Bebitus as leader of the fantastic team that we have gathered during these years in Barcelona has been a wonderful journey. However, as all parents may know, there comes a time when you have to let your children fly the coop. Under the leadership of Erich along with the synergies and the strong market position of windeln.de SE in Europe, I am sure that Bebitus will continue to reach new heights of success”, says Dr. Guillem Sanz, CEO and founder of Bebitus.


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