Extends Growth in Europe, German Shop Segment as expected Impacted by Regulatory Changes in China and New ERP System in Second Quarter

 In 2016

  • grows by 35% year-on-year in first half of the year
  • As announced earlier, second-quarter earnings impacted by regulatory changes in China and migration of ERP system; adjusted EBIT margin of -15.3% in first half of the year
  • Following discontinuation of the shopping clubs business, “nakiki” to become an online platform for products for children up to the age of eight years old

Munich, Germany, August 24, 2016. AG, Europe’s leading online retailer for baby and children’s products, grew by 35% year-on-year in the first half of the year, with revenues of EUR 101.6 million. Revenues from continuing operations (not including the Shopping Clubs segment) likewise increased by 35% to EUR 91.9 million.

In particular, experienced strong growth in other European countries in the first half of the year. With revenues of EUR 26.0 million, the International Shops segment consisting of feedo, bebitus, pannolini and already accounted for approximately a quarter of total revenues in the first six months of the year. “We are engaged in very attractive markets in Eastern and Southern Europe with very strong further growth prospects,” says Alexander Brand, co-founder and board member of “The set of measures that we announced in July supports our strategy of sustainable company growth and increasing profitability. Our foreign subsidiaries play an important role in that regard.”

The German Shop segment, which also handles business to Chinese customers, recorded revenues of EUR 66.0 million in the first half of the year; this amounts to year-on-year growth of 2%. While business in Germany increased slightly, Chinese customers’ concerns regarding changes in import regulations in the second quarter led to declining sales. Revenues in China in the first six months remained relatively unchanged year-on-year. This is in line with the expectations communicated in May. Some of the new import regulations were subsequently already suspended in June. In order to also meet local demand in China in the future, launched its own shop on the Tmall platform operated by Alibaba early August.

Adjusted EBIT Down Year-On-Year Due to Certain Effects Communicated Earlier

Gross profit increased to EUR 29.6 million compared to EUR 19.6 million in the prior-year. This corresponds to a gross profit margin of 29.2% (prior year: 26.2%).

Adjusted EBIT was EUR -15.6 million in the first half of the year (prior year: EUR -4.0 million) due to international expansion, a decline in business in China, and the impact of the ERP migration; not including the Shopping Clubs segment, adjusted EBIT totaled EUR -12.7 million. The adjusted EBIT margin in the first half of the year was -15.3% (prior year: -5.3%), with a margin of -13.8% for continuing operations.

At the end of the first six months of the year, total liquidity was approximately EUR 81 million, including EUR 67 million in cash and cash equivalents as of June 30th 2016 as well as a maximum of EUR 14 million relating to borrowing base financing. As such, has sufficient liquidity to realize its corporate strategy and reach the profitability threshold.

nakiki Becoming Online Platform for Products for Children Up to Age of Eight Years

As already published in July, is anticipating year-on-year growth of around 25% in its continuing operations to approximately EUR 200 million. The gross profit margin for continuing operations should be at least 28%, while adjusted EBIT is expected to be in the range of -10% to -12% due to planned profitability increases in the second half of fiscal year 2016.

The new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was implemented in the second quarter and should result in substantial efficiency improvements. The new ERP system also serves as the basis for the planned increased automation and optimization of processes.

As announced in July, nakiki will be used to expand the product range in the higher-margin area of children’s clothes and toys, following the discontinuation of the shopping club business. “The nakiki brand will play a key role in reaching families with older children and therefore expanding our customer base and increasing our margins,” says Konstantin Urban, co-founder and board member of

Overview of the Figures for the First Half of 2016 and the Second Quarter of 201

H1 2016 H1 2015* H1 2015* Q2 2015*
Revenues (in EUR million) 101.6 75.0 49.4 39.4
of which from continuing operations (in EUR million) 91.967.8 44.9 35.7
Gross profit (in EUR million) 29.6 19.6 14.7 10.5
in % of revenues 29.2 26.2 29.7 26.6
Adjusted EBIT (in EUR million) -15.6 -4.0 -7.9 -2.7
of which from continuing operations (in EUR million) -12.7 -1.6 -6.3 -1.1
Adjusted EBIT in % of revenues -15.3 -5.3 -15.9 -6.8
of which from continuing operations (in %) -13.8 -2.3 -13.9 -3.0
Revenues by business segment (in EUR million)
German Shop 66.0 64.4 31.2 33.7
International Shops 26.0 3.4 13.8 2.0
Shopping Clubs 9.7 7.2 4.6 3.7
Adjusted EBIT contribution by business segment
German Shop (in EUR million) -0.1 3.4 0.1 1.7
in % of revenues -0.2 5.3 0.3 5.0
International Shops (in EUR million) -6.0 -0.9 -3.1 -0.3
in % of revenues -22.9 -25.9 -22.2 -17.1
Shopping Clubs (in EUR million) -2.8 -2.4 -1.6 -1.6
in % of revenues -29.3 -32.9 -35.2 -43.6
1Share-­based payments were adjusted retroactively in the H1 2015 comparative period. Details on the adjustment are given in the nine months report 2015.


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