held its first virtual Annual General Meeting

 In 2020e

Munich, June 29, 2020: The Annual General Meeting of SE (the "Company"; ISIN DE000WNDL201) was held on June 24, 2020. Due to the legal regulations regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, the Company decided to invite to a virtual general meeting.
Overall, about 80% of the Company's share capital was registered for the Company's first virtual general meeting.
The counter motion to agenda item 5 was approved and therefore Mr. Maurice Reimer and Ms. Irene Tang were elected to the Supervisory Board. All other items on the agenda were approved by the majority. The Management Board and the Supervisory Board were discharged with over 99% of the votes cast. The shareholder YOUTH PTE LTD. submitted an objection to agenda item 5 of the Annual General Meeting.
The voting results and the presentation of the Management Board as well as further documents regarding the Annual General Meeting are published under in the "Investor Relations" section.


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