launches native app

 In 2017e

  • Switch from old web view based app to much more performant native app solution for all available products from
  • Customers benefit from new tools and features, more convenience and improved order process on mobile devices
  • New flexible app platform allows roll out of app to other shops and countries and enables to quickly respond to customer needs

Munich, July 4, 2017: SE, one of the leading online retailers for baby, toddler and children’s products in Europe and for customers in China, has improved the technology underlying the app for iOS and Android. With the launch of the new app, supports the high and continuously increasing share of mobile visits from its customers (69% in Q1 2017). With a few clicks, parents can conveniently shop the entire product range from on mobile devices.

Customers benefit from new tools like the “easy-rebuy”- function: repeat customers can easily re-buy previously purchased products that are needed at a high frequency (like diapers and baby food). In a special sales section, parents can get numerous attractive offers. Through an improved search function, shopping on mobile devices is enhanced significantly.

The full integration to the web shop platform results in a real-time synchronization between the web shop and the app. Due to the new technology, the app can easily be adapted to other shops and countries of the Group. The flexible design allows to make fast changes to the app e.g. changing the content on the home screen or adding new categories. The app can be downloaded for free.


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