launches WeChat Mini Program in China

 In 2021e

Munich, February 12, 2021: SE ("", "Group" or "Company"; ISIN DE000WNDL201 and DE000WNDL128) has launched its own WeChat mini program (accessible directly via WeChat) and the corresponding affiliate program, thereby further expanded its offering to customers in China. WeChat mini program is a shopping platform by the popular messenger app WeChat that is used by over 900 million people in China.

WeChat mini program has been growing tremendously in the past years. Since the mini program is directly linked to the messenger app WeChat (app within app), users can easily share interesting products they find on WeChat mini program with their friends and family. WeChat Mini Program also offers several attractive marketing tools like live chats with customers or special promotion offers that can be shared with friends. This saves huge customer acquisition and marketing expenses for companies offering their products on WeChat mini program, representing the enormous potential this sales platform has.

This new sales channel is served through the existing efficient logistics network that built over the years. primarily sells high quality German baby nutrition, drugstore items and toys via the WeChat mini program. Since the launch in January 2021, the mini program was well accepted by WeChat group users and is developing very favorably so far.

Matthias Peuckert, CEO of "We are proud to see that the hard work of our teams in the past year is paying off. With the launch of the WeChat mini program, we were able to launch yet another sales channel in China. This will help us to diversify our Business in China further, make it stronger and build our success on several pillars in this very attractive but everchanging market."


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